"Best Voices Ever!"
"The Best TTS on Market...period"
"Excellent Tone Option"

Generate voiceover with Emotion!
Natural sounding voiceovers with AI.


Voice Styles

Different voice tones are available. Excited, Cheerful, Angry, Sad, Shouting, Whispering, Unfriendly, Terrified, and Hopeful are some of them.

Language & Voices

Growing Library of 140 languages and 300+ Neural Voices which sounds most natural and realistic.

Advance Options

Advanced editing options are available. You can control pitch, rate, and volume, add pauses, can define the rule for speaking spellings, address, dates, numbers, etc.

AI Writer

You can now generate a stunning voiceover without the hassle of writing a script! Our AI Writer tool help you generate whole text script from your instruction and or help you rewrite any part of your text script to make it more engaging.

Work Management

You can create different projects to organize your files. It allows you to handle multiple projects parallelly.

Background Music

You can add background music to your voiceover from the curated list and can also adjust volume of it.
Without good voiceover

You can not stand out in Market!

If you don't have a good voiceover, you won't be able to effectively convey your message.
A good voiceover is crucial for making your content engaging and understandable.

Why you need good voiceover?

Video Emerges as the Primary Method for Business Promotion.

As video creators, we invest a significant amount of time and resources into making high-quality content. It's only natural that we want to see a worthwhile return on our efforts. This is where a top-notch voiceover comes in - it can make all the difference in ensuring a successful outcome for our hard work.

Boosting Viewer Loyalty is the Key.

Producing high-quality content can help to build a loyal viewer base. When people enjoy your content, they will likely return for more and may even be willing to invest in additional offerings from you. By consistently delivering engaging content, you can cultivate a group of dedicated viewers.

Enhancing Trust!

Human psychology tends to favor individuals who exude confidence, credibility, and expertise. By using Speechactors for your voiceovers, you can tap into this psychology and establish trust with your viewers. When you sound confident and knowledgeable, people are more likely to like and trust you, which can help to build a stronger connection with your audience.

Getting More Sales!

Emotional appeal can be a powerful driver of sales. By creating content that evokes emotions and sounds professional, you can effectively persuade potential customers to make a purchase. Many of our customers use Speechactors to create effective sales videos that tap into this psychology, making it easier to close deals and drive sales. By triggering emotion and presenting a professional image, you can effectively influence your audience's purchasing decisions.

Getting More Referrals!

Word-of-mouth advertising is a highly effective marketing tool. When you earn the trust of an individual, they are likely to spread the word about your business to their friends and family. This type of referral marketing can have a huge impact on your business, potentially driving significant growth. By building trust with your customers and delivering a high-quality product or service, you can encourage them to share their positive experiences with others, which can help to drive more business to you.

Our Pricing

Don't miss out on this limited time opportunity to get a lifetime deal! Act fast before it disappears forever.

Pro Light

$49  onetime
200K Characters/month
300+ Voices
Voice Tones/Emotions
Unlimited Project/Campaigns
Commercial Use
Add Background Music


$59  onetime
500K Characters/month
300+ Voices
Voice Tones/Emotions
Unlimited Project/Campaigns
Commercial Use
Add Background Music


$99  onetime
1 Million Characters/month
300+ Voices
Voice Tones/Emotions
Unlimited Project/Campaigns
Commercial Use
Add Background Music

The Best TTS on Market...period

Well, I know many will thing what i said in my title and say...really? And i say to them, guys just go and try their free sample and you will know what i am saying is absolutely the case. I have tried my hands at several TTS and the problem are 1) quality 2) rendering speed and 2) artificiality.

But not with Speechactors. First great name, why: because the speech actually acts in many emotions: you can set calm, angry, excited etc more than 10 types and the voice adjust to it. So it takes away the flatness from most TTS. The interface is simple and rendering super fast.
- Kay Ka

Best buy.

Without a doubt, this is the smartest purchase I have made on this site. Excellent price, and good quality in Spanish. I think maybe there is a chance, but I don't know if it's the server. Sometimes it shows error and I have to refresh the page but it is not very frequent. For me it would be perfect if they would involve AI for short paragraphs of writing, in this way it would be avoided to go to another tool to write an AIDA for example. In short, thanks for the development, and the price. I wish you the best of luck from now on. Your tool looks excellent.
- JRojas

A really great sounding TTS tool with many voice options

What do you like best?
The voices are really natural; they don't sound robotic and makes you almost feel it is a real person talking. I was honestly impressed by the way the voices sounded. Mainly with Spanish (Mexico), which has a really natural tone and makes very natural-sounding inflections in the reading. They offer many voices to choose from in many languages.

What do you dislike?
Some voices sound a little too fast. The one which impressed me the most (Spanish, Mexico) had that little problem, it reads a little fast, and the app offers no option to change the reading speed other than selecting a different voice.
- David d. (Quality Assurance Engineer)

Excellent Tone Option

Love the option to have different tones in some of the voices! I don't find this in the other apps, it's really helpful and easy to use. Hope more voices be equipped with the tone options.
- jerrytrisya

High Quality w/Good Customer Service

What do you like best?
After searching a dozen or more TTS (text to speech) for audio clips on my blog, this is the best I've found. It's user-friendly, affordable, and with good quality voices.

What do you dislike?
Dislike is too strong, but I'd like to see some celebrity voices to use in certain situations.
- Michael D. (Freelance Writer)

The best I've found.

I've tried many TTS options, both online and downloads, and Speechactors is one of the best I've found. It's priced right, easy to understand, and the voices are excellent. I like not worrying about the number of characters since I write pretty long pieces for my blog.
- Mike Davis (www.irishmikedavis.com)

It can be challenging to find a talented freelancer.

Obtaining a skilled voice over artist can be a lengthy process.

The process of finding a voice over artist involves posting job requirements, reviewing numerous submissions, listening to multiple voice samples, and negotiating pricing, all while trying to manage your busy schedule.
Hiring a voice talent can be costly.

Professional voiceovers typically charge between $20-100 per minute of recording. It's important to note that these rates often include the cost of studio and equipment expenses.
The turnaround time for projects may be slow.

Obtaining a voiceover typically takes a few days to complete, which can impact the timeline of your project if you are dependent on it for video production. If a mistake is made, the process may need to be repeated, further delaying the delivery of the final product."
While it is possible to record your own voice

This option is not without its own set of challenges...

While the idea of creating your own voiceover may seem appealing, it may not be the most practical solution,
especially if you can relate to any of the following issues:

  • I don't have enough good voice.
  • I do not have studio equipments.
  • Sometimes, I need to have opposite gender voice for different projects.
  • Also, for different projects I need to work with language I don't know.

If you can relate to any of the issues mentioned, we believe Speechactors will be a great fit for you.

Say Bye to Expensive Voice Over Actors!
Here's How To Use Speechactors.

You can generate voiceover in just 3 easy steps.

Step 1

Select Language & Voice.

Select language and choose you voice from dozens of option. Many of voices support emotions as well. You can listen to sample while choosing.
Step 2

Write or paste the text.

The Speechactors system is able to accurately pronounce any word, ensuring that the spoken output will sound natural no matter what text is entered.
Step 3

Generate & Download

Just hit the generate button and you will find voiceover generated in no time in your voiceover list. You can listen and download it from there.

You Will Be Astonished by Speechactors Realistic Sound!

English (USA)

English (USA)

English (UK)

English (Australia)

French (France)

Spanish (Spain)



Spanish (Maxico)



Spanish (Maxico)

Speechactors is a must-have tool because...

Eliminates Language Barriers
Are you struggling to create videos because you're not fluent in the language you need to use? Speechactors can help.

With support for over 130+ languages and accents, it allows you to easily generate professional-quality voiceovers without needing to speak a single word.

Simply type or paste in your text, generate the voiceover, and publish your video. This can help you increase sales and revenue by making it easier for you to reach a wider audience.
Boost Video Creation Up To 100X Faster
Speechactors can significantly reduce the time it takes to create and publish your videos.

While hiring a professional or doing it yourself can take days or hours, respectively, Speechactors allows you to generate high-quality voiceover audio in just seconds.

Simply copy and paste your text and let Speechactors handle the rest. No more tedious recording, re-recording, and editing - create your audio with ease and get your videos published faster than ever before.
Sales, Sales and more Sales!
Videos are a powerful marketing tool, whether they're used on Facebook, YouTube, or sales pages.

If you want to maximize their impact, it's important to have high-quality voiceovers that engage your audience. With Speechactors, you can easily create and test multiple videos to find the one that performs the best and scale up your marketing efforts.

High-quality videos are proven to lead to more sales, so make sure to use Speechactors to take your video marketing to the next level.
Reliable Voiceovers with Speechactors: On Time, Every Time!
Hiring a voiceover artist can be costly, with hourly rates starting at $150. Save money and eliminate the need to hire anyone by using Speechactors instead.

Not only will this save you thousands of dollars over the course of your business, it will also ensure that your voiceovers are delivered on time, every time.

Working with freelancers can be stressful, especially when deadlines are missed and projects are thrown into chaos. With Speechactors, you can avoid these headaches and get professional-quality audio within seconds without the need for back and forth communication.

Think of Speechactors as your reliable voice assistant that always delivers on time and never disappoints.

Try Speechactors free today

Get 2000 free characters for commercial use without any additional feature limitation.

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