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Choose from a growing library of 300+ natural sounding voices with humanlike intonation in 140 languages and accents powered by AI technology.

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Ryan Multilingual
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Use Cases


You can create Sales Videos, Training Videos, Educational Videos or any kind of videos.


For Learning & Development Teams, Training Course Providers and Educators to help their audiences learn better.


Create audiobooks in no time.


Do you want to run a podcast but do not have a good voice? You are covered.


Professional voice interactions for your customers. Scalable, on-demand and lightning fast turnaround time.

Corporate training

Sound professional by creating AI voiceover for your corporate training material.

Easy to use Workbench with Unmatched Features.

We have tailored our workbench/editor to make it very easy to use without compromising important features.

300+ AI Voices

Select best voices from library of 300+ AI voices in 140 languages.

Voice Emotions

Make your voices sound more natural and engaging by using expressive emotional speaking styles.

Multi-Voice Feature

Using different voices for sentences in the same audio file, you can create conversation-like voiceovers.

Background Music

Add background music to your voiceover easily by selecting music from a curated list. You can adjust volume of your background music.

Voice Inflections

Create a more suitable voice tone by fine-tuning Rate, Pitch, Emphasis and Pauses.

Custom Pronunciations

Use phoneme library to generate custom pronunciation for your words or phrases.

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Excellent Tone Option

Love the option to have different tones in some of the voices! I don't find this in the other apps, it's really helpful and easy to use. Hope more voices be equipped with the tone options.

Best buy.

Without a doubt, this is the smartest purchase I have made on this site. Excellent price, and good quality in Spanish.

I think maybe there is a chance, but I don't know if it's the server. Sometimes it shows error and I have to refresh the page but it is not very frequent.

For me it would be perfect if they would involve AI for short paragraphs of writing, in this way it would be avoided to go to another tool to write an AIDA for example.

In short, thanks for the development, and the price. I wish you the best of luck from now on. Your tool looks excellent.

The best I've found.

I've tried many TTS options, both online and downloads, and Speechactors is one of the best I've found. It's priced right, easy to understand, and the voices are excellent. I like not worrying about the number of characters since I write pretty long pieces for my blog.

High Quality w/Good Customer Service

What do you like best?
After searching a dozen or more TTS (text to speech) for audio clips on my blog, this is the best I've found. It's user-friendly, affordable, and with good quality voices.

What do you dislike?
Dislike is too strong, but I'd like to see some celebrity voices to use in certain situations.


No, Speechactors is a cloud-based solution. Everything is hosted on cloud servers, You do not need to install anything. You can use Speechactors from your desktop, laptop, or even from your smartphone.

We do not have any usage limit. However, you can not have more than 8k characters per voiceover. For your longer voiceover needs, we have "Merged Feature" already in place.

As it is a cloud-based service, you will get updates automatically. And all updates are 100% free. For information about updates, you can always refer to the changelog.

Yes, we have a free trial available. Signup for free (without a credit card) and you will get free 2000 text to speech characters to check the product without any feature limitations.

We now offer subscription plans that provide you with 1 million text characters each month. These characters can be used to generate voiceovers. Any unused characters will lapse and reset every month based on your purchase date. Here are the subscription plans we offer:

Basic Plan - $23/month (Best price in the market)
Quarterly Saver Plan - $57/month (Save with our quarterly plan)
Mega Saver Plan - $217/year (Enjoy mega savings with our annual plan)

To learn more about the pricing and features of each plan, please visit our pricing page.

By subscribing to one of our plans, you can ensure that you always have access to the characters you need to generate high-quality voiceovers without interruption.

For detailed pricing information and to choose the plan that's right for you, visit our pricing page.

No, we do not have any other in-app features or plan. Our features, languages, or voices will never be added at an additional charge.

We currently offer only subscription plans, which provide 1 million text characters per month. Any unused characters will reset every month based on your purchase date. One-time purchase and Lifetime Deal options are no longer available.

To learn more about our subscription plans, please visit our pricing page.

By subscribing to one of our plans, you can ensure continuous access to character credits for generating high-quality voiceovers every month.

Payments already made against one-time plan or subscriptions would not be eligible for a refund. If you have just made a purchase but facing a technical issue, please get in touch with us.

Yes, all our voices can be used for commercial purposes.

Yes, preview is ultimately the same as generating voiceover.
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