Alexa Celebrity Voices: All You Need To Know About!

aLL about Alexa Celebrity Voices

Alexa, Amazon’s popular virtual assistant, is known for its handy voice commands and helpful responses. It makes life easier by playing music, setting reminders, and answering questions. Alexa’s voice is friendly and familiar to many users.

In this article, we’ll dive into Alexa’s new feature – Alexa Celebrity Voices. We’ll explore how these voices add a fun twist to your Alexa experience. Get ready to find out which stars are lending their voices to Alexa and how you can enjoy this cool feature.

What Are Alexa Celebrity Voices?

Alexa Celebrity Voices is a fun new feature for Alexa devices. They let you change Alexa’s usual voice to that of a famous person. It’s like having a celebrity right in your home! You can hear weather updates, jokes, and more from a star’s voice.

To use this feature, you pick a celebrity voice in the Alexa app. Then, your Alexa device will talk like that celebrity. But remember, Alexa can’t do everything with a celebrity voice. Some tasks will still use the standard voice.

This feature makes using Alexa more entertaining. It’s great for fans who want to hear about their favorite celebrities every day. Alexa Celebrity Voices are a cool way to spice up your daily routines.

Popular Celebrity Voices on Alexa

Alexa Celebrity Voices

Alexa has some cool celebrity voices that you can use. One popular voice is Samuel L. Jackson. He’s known for his unique style and can tell jokes, play music, and more. Another is Gordon Ramsay, famous for his cooking shows. He can set timers and give food tips.

Shaquille O’Neal’s voice is also available. He’s a big basketball star and can make your Alexa experience fun. Then there’s Melissa McCarthy, a famous actress, who brings humor to Alexa. Lastly, there’s Morgan Freeman, known for his deep and soothing voice. He can read the news and set the mood with his calm tone.

These celebrity voices make using Alexa more entertaining. You can switch to these voices easily and enjoy a different experience with your Alexa device.

5 most popular celebrity voices available on Alexa:

Here are five of the most popular celebrity voices available on Alexa:

  • Samuel L. Jackson – Known for his distinctive voice, Samuel L. Jackson can lend his charm to your Alexa experience, offering a mix of humor and coolness.
  • Gordon Ramsay – The fiery chef brings his unique style to Alexa. Perfect for those who enjoy his culinary expertise and spirited personality.
  • Shaquille O’Neal – The basketball legend’s voice on Alexa adds a fun and larger-than-life element to your daily interactions with the virtual assistant.
  • Melissa McCarthy – The actress and comedian’s voice offers a blend of humor and warmth, making Alexa’s interactions more lively and entertaining.
  • Morgan Freeman – Renowned for his deep, soothing voice, Morgan Freeman brings a calming and authoritative presence to Alexa’s capabilities.

How to Purchase Alexa Celebrity Voices From Amazon

Step 1. Sign in to Amazon: First, log in to your Amazon account.

Step 2. Search for Celebrity Voices: Type “Alexa celebrity voices” in the search bar and look for the list of famous people’s voices.

Step 3. Pick and Buy: Choose the voice you like and click “Buy now with 1-Click.” If it asks, say yes to confirm.

Step 4. Choose Version: Decide if you want the normal or the no-bad-words version. You can change this later in the Alexa app.

Step 5. Activate the Voice: Just say “Alexa, enable [celebrity’s name]” to start using the celebrity voice on your Alexa devices.

How to Enable Celebrity Voices on Alexa

Step 1. Open Alexa App: Start by opening the Alexa app on your smartphone.

Step 2. Go to Skills & Games: In the app, find and tap on the “More” menu. Then, select “Skills & Games.”

Step 3. Search for Celebrity Voice: Use the search bar to find the celebrity voice you want to enable. Type the name of the celebrity.

Step 4. Select and Enable: Once you find the celebrity voice skill, select it, and then tap on “Enable to Use.”

Step 5. Complete Setup: Follow any additional instructions if needed to complete the setup.

Step 6. Start Using: Now, you can use the celebrity voice by saying, “Alexa, talk like [celebrity’s name].”


Alexa now has celebrity voices like Samuel L. Jackson and Gordon Ramsay. It’s a cool new feature where these famous voices can talk to you from your Alexa device. They can tell jokes, give information, and more.

To get these voices, you can buy them from Amazon and then turn them on in your Alexa app. It’s easy to set up and makes using Alexa a lot more fun. These celebrity voices add some extra excitement to your daily Alexa chats.

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