Speechactors: The Ultimate Text-to-Speech Software Solution for Industry Professionals

Best text-to-speech software in industry?

You have likely heard of text-to-speech apps, software, or cloud tools. Many text-to-speech software or tools are available in the market to assist you with your job. While each tool provides different features, voices, and pricing, the ultimate goal is to generate text from speech. But, this may make you confused about choosing one over another.

The best strategy is to look at your requirement and not towards the tools compared against each other. If you’re looking for the best text-to-speech service, you can ask some basic questions yourself. Like, if you really need lots of voices and languages for your job? If you want advanced features like pitch, speaking rate, and volume control?

Answering these questions will help you determine what features or services you need and narrow your search.

In the industry, Speechactors is one of the newer providers of text-to-speech services, and it may answer many of your questions in one place.

What is Speechactors?

Speechactors is AI-driven text-to-speech service. It is a cloud-based tool. That means you do not need to download anything on your computer to use it. Like any other service, it provides different voices and voice styles in 140+ languages, including different accents of a language.

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What makes it different than other text-to-speech tools?

It has a specially designed editor or workbench for the best user experience. It helps users overcome many limitations while generating speech. These are some of the most important aspects of usability:

  • Use multiple voices and voice styles in a single document or text-to-speech generation.
  • Preview specific parts of the text without generating final speech or audio.
  • The clean minimal interface makes it easy to use. It simplifies complex advanced features and makes it very accessible.
  • Add background music from the curated list and control its volume while creating audio or also after creating audio.
  • Handle pitch change in a sentence to make it sound exactly what you like.
  • Change pronunciation by Phoneme tool to make any word sounds you desired.
  • Change speaking rate, pitch and volume easily with Tone tool.

Why Speechactors?

It can help your job done without going in complexity.

Speechactors was developed based on a thorough study of the needs of various users. Speechactors try to remove all pain points that users generally get by using some text-to-speech services.

You can generate text-to-speech in a few easy steps. Here is how you can generate voiceover with Speechactors.

Step 1: Select Language and Voice you prefer.

Step-1: How to generate voice over with Speechactors.

Step 2: Enter or paste the text.

Step-2: How to generate voice over with Speechactors.

Step 3: Click on generate button.

Step-3: How to generate voice over with Speechactors.

Apart from this Speechactors has a very different pricing structure. Unlike any other services, Speechactors has only one pro plan and do not include the hidden cost to upgrade further after purchasing once. It doesn’t have a monthly limit on text characters that expire after a month. You only pay for what you use. Checkout pricing plans here.

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The information in this article may give you a better understanding of text-to-speech services and how to choose one. Speechactors may or may not be a good fit for you. Checking a product yourself is the only way to verify it at the end. You can signup for the different services to check if they have a free plan and decide it yourself.

Well, Speechactors has free signup credit of 2000 characters. Using it, you can check the product to the fullest there is no feature restriction on free credit. You will get what you will see. And there is no credit card required for signup.

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