Speechactors Review – My Story

Speechactors Review

I want to share my small story today with you guys.

After leaving a full-time tech job and being a solopreneur, I was still working on a contract which is another form of a job. And somewhere in my mind, some questions were constantly roaming like “Quitting job made any difference in real?” “I kind a get some freedom to work on my own time and way but was that worth sacrificing stability and security?”

I was struggling to get my mind clear. In between, I got the SAAS project from one of my clients. After completing the project, I found that somehow I need to create a SAAS project. Because while working on the project, I discovered that finding digital solutions, earning money from them, and keeping tech in control is what I am into and can generate passive income.

To discover it further, I created text-to-speech SAAS named Speechactors. I have created an FB page, written some blogs, and listed my site on public SAAS app pages, deals-selling websites, etc. I start getting a few sales. But I lost it somewhere as sales were not consistent. It drove me to do more research and learn digital marketing.

I started learning copywriting, digital advertising, and many other things. When I looked at the competitors, it scared me even more. I felt that I am competing with companies that have teams of experts.

Surprisingly, I came across the YouTube video which reviewed Speechactors. The video was not sponsored nor for affiliate promotion. It is reviewed by the “Big G Video” channel genuinely. Here is the link of the review video: https://youtu.be/gHkEefwFt_g

The review concluded that my product is better than my competitors. It elevated my confidence and encouraged me to keep working on the product. Positive comments from authentic sources are really powerful confidence boosters on social media.

My name is Kashyap Antala and I am one man working on all aspects of Speechactors. Even if it is not related to you, I urge you to try Speechactors and if you can provide some feedback. It will help me make the product better.

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