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Voice Samples

We have many amazing voices in different languages and here are voice samples for the Spanish language.

Find the most suitable voice for your needs by listening to the Spanish ai voice samples below.
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How To Generate text to speech in Spanish language using Speechactors.

Our tool is straightforward and user-friendly. Simply type or paste your English text into the provided field, select your preferred voice from our extensive list, and hit the 'Play' button. Within seconds, your text is converted into high-quality speech that you can preview, download, or share.

Step 01

Select Spanish Language & Voice.

Choose Spanish from given language selection box. After that you can click on voice name to change it. You can hear sample using play icon.

screenshot explaining how spanish language can be selected

Step 02

Insert or Paste Text

Simply type or paste your text into the input field.

screenshot showing how to generate voiceover (step2)

Step 03

Generate & Download

By clicking on generate, you will have your text transformed into speech in a few seconds. You can download it from your voice list.

screenshot showing how to generate voiceover (step3)
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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Speechactors uses the most realistic text to speech engine. We offer a workbench in which you can control several aspects of tonality (speed, pitch, volume, emphasis) to make the voices appear more realistic.

In addition to 130 languages, Speechactors support multiple accents in popular languages.

YES, you can use files for your YouTube Videos.

YES minimum one male and one female voice is available for all languages. We have also child voices available for some languages. E.g. English voice - Anna

We have subscription plans using that you can get unlimited text characters to convert into voiceover. We also have introduced Lifetime deal for a limited time using which you can get Speechactors access for lifetime with mentioned characters per month in pricing plan. Characters will be renew/reset every month for Lifetime deals. Checkout the Pricing

What are our clients saying?

The best I've found.

I've tried many TTS options, both online and downloads, and Speechactors is one of the best I've found. It's priced right, easy to understand, and the voices are excellent. I like not worrying about the number of characters since I write pretty long pieces for my blog.

Best Voices Ever!

I have 5 other Text-to-Speech Apps. One is Great, Two are Good... the other 2 are just ok. Your voices are excellent!

Now, there was a problem. When I went to generate the voices in Chrome, it gave me an Error Message and produced nothing, but my credits for that project where gone!

This was on the Free Plan.

The Good News Is: Everything Worked Right In FireFox! Maybe people should be encouraged to use Firefox, and not Chrome for now.

5 Tacos though, because The Software Works, and those voices are Excellent!!!

High Quality w/Good Customer Service

What do you like best?
After searching a dozen or more TTS (text to speech) for audio clips on my blog, this is the best I've found. It's user-friendly, affordable, and with good quality voices.

What do you dislike?
Dislike is too strong, but I'd like to see some celebrity voices to use in certain situations.

Good voices and easy to use

I like the product. It has many good voices and is easy to use.

But what bothers me is how it consumes the characters.
Characters are counted as used every time I edit and replay the script.

For example, I have a script with 300 characters. I need to adjust the pitch, speed, and stuff to make it sounds more natural. And every time I play the changed script to listen to how it sounds, it will count the characters as used.
If I change the script 5 times, I will waste 1,500 characters to have a usable 300-character voice.

I wish the characters would count as consumed ONLY WHEN I click "generate" as it is the final product that I am satisfied with.

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Use Cases


Any kind of video can be created, whether it is a sales video, a training video, an educational video, or any other type.


Training & Development Teams, Training Course Providers, and Educators can use this tool to better assist their audiences in E-Learning.


In just a few clicks, create an audiobook.


Is it difficult for you to run a podcast because of bad voice quality? We've got you covered.


You can provide your customers with professional voice interactions. Fast turnaround, scalable, and available on demand.

Corporate training

Make your corporate training materials sound professional with AI voiceovers.